UserVitals for Slack


Make feedback a part of your Slack workflow.

Keep your team on the same page with Slack notifications and capture new insights in seconds. UserVitals is here to empower your Slack workflow and give each insight the attention it deserves.

Simply log in to the admin portal and click on “Slack” in settings to get started. This will open up the Slack integration panel where admins can then click “Add to Slack”  to install the UserVitals app. For more information, check out our Slack Start Guide in the Help Center!

UserVital's Slack global shortcut being used to capture an insight

Global Shortcuts

Submit feedback directly via the global shortcuts button in the message composer or from within the search bar.

Instantly submit the insight to your team’s UserVitals portal and remove all friction in the feedback process.

UserVital's Slack message shortcut being used to capture an insight

Message Shortcuts

Easily send in feedback from Slack to UserVitals by using the message shortcut.

Simply right click on the message you want to add and click "Capture Insight". Fill in the insight details and you are ready to submit!

Slack notification for a new insight added via UserVitals

Channel Notifications

Never miss user feedback again with UserVitals Slack notifications. Simply choose a Slack channel to post notifications to when you turn on and authorize the Slack integration and UserVitals will do the rest. Every time feedback is added to UserVitals by your customers, a message will be posted on the Slack channel, keeping everyone up-to-date.