UserVitals for Linear

align your feedback and engineering work

Sync your engineering tasks and feedback management

Keeping your product management and engineering teams on the same page. If your team uses Linear to organize your engineering tasks and workflow, you can easily integrate it with your UserVitals feedback management. Create Linear tasks within UserVitals, or link existing tasks to build great features backed by user insights.

Details about a customer contact in Intercom with their feedback history

Create Linear tasks in UserVitals

Within the UserVitals application, you can effortlessly create Linear tasks without switching apps. Once you’re ready to get the engineering team started with working on a feature request or improvement, you can add a Linear task and assign it to a team member. A link will be made in UserVitals for you to view this task at any time.

Adding an insight from a customer conversation via the UserVitals Intercom integration

Link existing Linear tasks

If you already have relevant Linear tasks created prior, link those tasks to a UserVitals Story. To do so, users simply need to search the title or description of the task and UserVitals will show a list of matches from your workspace.

Details about a customer contact in Intercom with their feedback history

View related feedback in Linear

Keeping tasks and UserVitals feedback linked is useful so that your engineering team can read customer insights and understand exactly what users are looking for. Within a Linear task, the related Story from UserVitals will be linked to keep your team on track when building new features.