UserVitals for Intercom


Bring your Intercom conversations to life.

UserVitals makes it easy for your users to voice their valuable feedback through the Intercom Messenger widget while also giving your team powerful tools to organize and prioritize your company's roadmap and goals..

Details about a customer contact in Intercom with their feedback history

View insights related to a contact

Effortlessly pull up all saved insights connected to a contact. All the necessary customer details needed to follow up and keep track of your feedback are attached to each insight giving you the ability to follow up and organize your roadmap.

Adding an insight from a customer conversation via the UserVitals Intercom integration

Add insights

Capture and organize customer feedback to different "stories" straight from an Intercom conversation.  Enhance the feedback loop so that your company continuously receives quality feedback with less effort.

Using the Intercom integration to search for an existing story and view feedback history

Feedback at a glance

Seamlessly search stories from the sidebar and attach feedback to an existing story in seconds. UserVitals helps not only keeps all your feedback in one place but makes it possible to get an understanding of your customer needs at a glance.