UserVitals for HelpScout

EFFORTLESSLY MANAGE The feedback you get via Helpscout

Make Communication Easy

Maintaining your businesses's customer relationships is vital for long-term growth and success. That's why UserVitals helps bridge the gap between your team members and your customers by directly integrating with Helpscout. Give your customer-facing team the information and platform they need to better communicate and follow-up with your customers.

Help Scout conversation between customer support and a customer discussing a new feature suggestion
Help Scout integration showing a list of feedback sent from a customer

View Feedback

Have your customer's past feedback right at your fingertips with the UserVitals HelpScout integration. By making all of your customer's past and current concerns readily available, you create more opportunities for team-members to have productive and engaging customer conversations.

List of customer insights captured stored in the UserVitals portal

Enhance Workflow

UserVitals enhances your team's feedback workflow by directly connecting the UserVitals admin portal to your customer conversations. Simply click on the story or customer profile to instantly open up UserVitals, taking away any friction in the feedback process.

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