UserVitals for Gmail


Push your feedback without a hassle.


No need to copy and paste, our smart auto-complete will handle it for you.

Automatic recognition

We know you want to organize your customers efficiently - let us facilitate that for you.


Never switch between a tab again when collecting feedback.

Customer Recognition

Capture your customer profile automatically.

Customer feedback sent in Gmail being highlighted
Step #1

Highlight Feedback

Highlight and select the relevant feedback you wish to collect within Gmail.

UserVitals Chrome extension filled in with a customer insight
Step #2

Open Extension

Open the UserVitals Chrome extension and the highlighted feedback will automatically populate the insight field.

Contact automatically detected by insight captured from Gmail
Step #3

Capture Contacts

Assign the Gmail insight to an existing customer or create a new customer contact in seconds right within the UserVitals extension.

List of customer insights captured stored in the UserVitals portal
Step #4

Submit Feedback

Click “Add Feedback” and  you’re done! The insight  will automatically appear on the UserVitals portal ready for you and your team to review.

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