UserVitals for Crisp

Collect customer feedback directly from conversations within Crisp.

Skip the hassle & collect feedback within Crisp.

UserVitals simplifies the process of collect and organize customer feedback received through Crisp conversations. These insights can then be managed through the UserVitals dashboard so you may spend time responding to feedback instead of recording it.

Organize feedback into stories that make sense.

After capturing feedback, link them to existing stories and align those insights with engineering priorities. Organize the feedback in ways that best fit your workflow.

UserVital's Slack global shortcut being used to capture an insight
UserVital's Slack message shortcut being used to capture an insight

Past feedback all in sight.

Filter through customer feedback and tackle the ones coming from your most valuable customers! Simply open a customer conversation and view their past insights on the side panel.

Harness the power of user feedback.

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