UserVitals Chrome Extension


Effortlessly collect product feedback

UserVitals empowers your team to quickly collect feedback from any web-based tool using our Chrome extension

Icons of integrations available for UserVitals customer feedback collection

Maximize the efficiency of your feedback collection

Fast, easy collection

Submit feedback in under a minute! Within any web-based tool you’re using, simply highlight the feedback, open the UserVitals extension, and it will automatically populate the feedback and contact info. Then, fill in the remaining fields and submit your insight.

Collaborate with your entire team

UserVitals makes it easy for any member of your team to help with feedback collection. From customer support teams to marketing staff, anyone can install the extension and capture the feedback they encounter in their daily workflow.

To help filter through all the feedback received by various team members, they can submit inbox messages instead of insights. These will later get sorted into insights by designated members of your team.

Make edits directly within the extension

Want to easily make changes to your feedback board all within the extension? With our Chrome extension, you can easily create new stories and new contacts, and edit existing contact information. With this seamless editing process, you don’t have to worry about going back and forth from your feedback portal to make the changes. Save time and work more productively!

Consolidate feedback in one place

Keep all your incoming feedback organized by sending it all to your feedback portal using the extension. By organizing your feedback into use cases on a central platform, you align your product and customer-facing teams to create plans backed by real user insights.

Keep track of all channels

As your business grows, so will your customer touchpoints. Prevent any valuable feedback from slipping through the cracks. With the UserVitals browser extension being compatible with any web-based application, that means you can freely expand your channels and still stay on top of it all.

Other benefits include:

Smart Auto-Complete

No need to copy and paste the feedback! Once you've highlighted the piece of feedback, our auto-complete will fill in the feedback for you.

Save Time

Instead of moving between tabs and applications to add the feedback you collected, you can add it right on any web-based tool your team is already using.

Customer Recognition

Our extension will automatically detect the customer from your existing list, or if they're new, it will create a new contact for you.