Organize & Prioritize

Organize your feedback into real use cases, not just upvotes

Organize feedback into customer stories

Learn more about why users are requesting certain features and tailor your solutions accordingly.

  • Instantly obtain a cohesive and high-level view of your customer’s needs
  • Explore real insights submitted by customer within each story to make better product decisions
List of stories (high level feature requests) found in the UserVitals admin portal

Categorize and group customer stories

Create product plans around a clear strategy backed by real user insights.

  • Stories can be further organized by type (issue, feedback or other), status and visibility
  • Merge similar customer stories to efficiently view related insights
Editing options drop down for customer stories including share, merge, and delete

Control the visibility of customer stories

Keep certain customer stories private to only you and your team.

  • Analyze and refine private stories before making them public when your team is ready
  • Collect feedback on private stories easily by sending a link to selected customers
List of product roadmap items with visibility settings for private and public roadmap boards

Prioritize your feedback by customer

While all customer feedback is useful, prioritize feedback from your most valuable customers to create high-impact changes.

  • Segment your customers in the contacts page to easily see which customers matter to your team the most
  • Set the priority of customer stories by the importance of the customers who have submitted insights for it
Customer feedback submission form with prioritization settings of blocker, must have, and nice to have

Explore how UserVitals can help you navigate the customer feedback loop

Harness the power of user feedback.

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