Inform & Engage

Close the feedback loop and keep your customers in-the-loop

Increase the visibility of product changes

Your team is making great product changes. Make sure your customers can see them.

Changelog widget embedded on a website showing the most recent three product updates

Changelog Widget

Add a changelog widget to your site to let customers view the most recent product updates seamlessly

Customer portal showing product changelog entries

Customer Portal

Keep your customers in-the-loop with a full list of previous product updates

Close the feedback loop

Update your customers and celebrate the launches of features they requested.

  • Drive engagement, feature adoption and discussion by announcing new product features
  • Show that your product and team is committed to continuous growth
Customer portal displaying a product changelog entry

Drive continuous engagement

Show your appreciation to your customers and share the product changes that they helped create.

  • Reduce your churn rate by keeping your product relevant to your customers
  • Encourage engagement within your customer base through regular email updates
Email update sent to a customer showing that their feedback submitted has a new status

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