Capture & Collect

Collect valuable and constructive feedback anywhere.

Integrate feedback from any source

Create a unified feedback collection process for your entire team that ensures no customer insights slip between the cracks.

Icons of integrations available for UserVitals customer feedback collection

Chrome extension

  • Submit feedback from any web platform using the UserVitals chrome extension
  • Simply highlight the customer’s feedback, categorize the insight, and send it to straight your feedback portal
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UserVitals Chrome extension being used to collect customer feedback

Platform integrations

  • Integrate with your team's existing customer-facing platforms to submit feedback when and where you receive it
  • Make it easier for your team to stay on track of all incoming feedback
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Customer feedback from various sources getting added to one application

Collect feedback with ease

Maximize customer feedback collection by providing a seamless submission process.

Connect with existing user accounts

  • Enable SSO to allow customers to sign in and submit feedback to the public portal instantly
  • Existing customer data will be automatically connected, allowing your team to better understand who the feedback is from
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Single sign-on being used to log in customers with existing data

Manage all incoming feedback

Consolidate every valuable insight needed for product management, all in one place.

A central place for feedback

  • Store feedback from all customer touchpoints in the UserVitals portal
  • Allow customers to easily add feedback via the customer portal
  • Insights are connected to customer profiles allowing you to easily view feedback history
  • Customers who have added insights to a use case will receive automatic email updates
UserVitals insights dashboard showing feedback entries submitted by customer contacts

Explore how UserVitals can help you navigate the customer feedback loop