UserVitals Use Cases

Explore the different ways UserVitals helps you effectively navigate the customer feedback loop.

Step 1

Capture & Collect

Your team is busy trying to collect feedback from countless customer touch points. Make their lives easier through a seamless feedback collection process that can be done anytime, anywhere.

Step 2

Organize & Prioritize

Feedback can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Organize and prioritize your feedback so that your team can make informed decisions on what to build next based on real use cases, not just upvotes.

Step 3

Roadmap & Act

Keep everyone updated and showcase transparency through product roadmaps. Use roadmaps to align your team members and display upcoming product changes.

Step 4

Inform & Engage

Celebrate your team’s hard work by announcing product updates and new features to your changelog provided by UserVitals. Keep everyone in-the-loop by installing a changelog widget on your website or application.

Explore how UserVitals can help you navigate the customer feedback loop