Single Sign-On (SSO)

Simplify the user experience with an easy and secure
process

Secure sign on and authentication

  • SSO gives both users and employees secure, one-click access to their accounts and reduces the need to manage so many separate accounts and passwords
  • Connect your own internal authentication system directly with UserVitals to know exactly who is giving you feedback or supporting an existing one
  • Once you integrate UserVitals's SSO, your customers can submit feedback without logging in, thus reducing friction and improving their user experience
Customer portal product roadmap displaying upcoming product changes

Benefits for your business

Increased user sign-ups

SSO provides a lower barrier to entry, allowing new customers to easily sign up with UserVitals, right through your application. With a streamlined and secure process, you will be able to engage more customers to join your feedback loop.

Enhanced employee productivity

Employees are using more and more apps in the workplace. Requiring separate logins for all their apps is time consuming and a burden for employees. SSO speeds up their workflow when moving between other applications and UserVitals.

Benefits for your customers

Improved user experience

With SSO, customers don’t need to go through a lengthy sign-up and authorization process. Your customers can will automatically get logged in to UserVitals with their existing credentials when visiting from your application.

Mitigate security risks

Users can safely use their SSO login credentials on any device, in any web browser. SSO reduces security risks associated with weak passwords created for miscellaneous accounts since it’s connected to your original application.