Deliver better product management with UserVitals.

A simple and effective way to collect, manage, and utilize product feedback to set product development in motion.

UserVitals is Made for Product Managers

Easily capture all your product feedback

Your team can submit feedback from anywhere, and as a product manager, you can review all incoming feedback and organize them as Insights in Stories.

Improve efficiency by empowering your team to capture feedback in seconds though our browser extension or integrations such as Slack, Intercom, Helpscout and more,

    List of stories (high level feature requests) found in the UserVitals admin portal

    Product development with customer insights, not just upvotes

    As a product manager, it’s crucial to understand that different customers have different needs.

    By capturing and collecting all feedback from its original source, you’ll be able to know what your customers actually want, and why - instead of just guessing through an upvote.

      Editing options drop down for customer stories including share, merge, and delete

      Organize and prioritize your feedback in one central location

      Use UserVitals and customer feedback to instantly obtain a cohesive and high-level view of your customer’s needs.

      By organizing feedback into use cases on a central platform, you align your product team and customer-facing teams to create plans backed by real user insights.

      List of product roadmap items with visibility settings for private and public roadmap boards

      Continously improve on your product development

      The customer portal can be configured to work as a public roadmap, or alternatively kept as a private roadmap - just for your customers or internal team.

      Customers can leave further feedback on any roadmap items, allowing your team to make ongoing improvements.

      Customer feedback submission form with prioritization settings of blocker, must have, and nice to have

      Increase transparency and customer engagement

      UserVitals enables you to automatically update your users on the status of their feedback as it moves through different product development stages.

      To keep users in the loop of all your great product changes, they can subscribe to updates and get notified for every changelog release.

      List of product roadmap items with visibility settings for private and public roadmap boards