Transform product development with UserVitals

Motivate your team and impress customers by driving product growth using real customer insights

Grow Your Business with Results-Driven Product Management

Improve customer retainment

Keeping customers happy with your product requires a thorough understanding of how to address their needs.

UserVitals is a feedback management tool that empowers you to consolidate and prioritize real user insights, allowing your team to make effective product decisions.

    List of stories (high level feature requests) found in the UserVitals admin portal

    Keep stakeholders in the loop

    As a founder, you’re responsible for communicating decisions to important stakeholders.

    With UserVitals, you can share product roadmap updates through a public roadmap, or share it privately to select stakeholders.

      Editing options drop down for customer stories including share, merge, and delete

      Align stakeholders to product strategy

      The UserVitals roadmap is linked back to the submitted insights, which helps prove your product decisions are strategic and data-backed.

      By being able to justify your product decisions, you can minimize disputes, improve relationships with stakeholders, and be transparent about product decisions.

      List of product roadmap items with visibility settings for private and public roadmap boards

      Encourage feedback and display growth

      Make your customers feel valued and encourage them to continue to submit feedback by actively acting on their feature requests and delivering meaningful product changes.

      You can also use your changelog as a sales tool by showing prospects that your company constantly tries to make the best product for your users.

      Customer feedback submission form with prioritization settings of blocker, must have, and nice to have