Collect valuable and constructive feedback anytime, anywhere

UserVitals empowers your customer success team to quickly collect feedback and engage customers with product updates.

Feedback Management Made Easy for Customer Success Teams

Empower all team members to help track feedback

Submit feedback in seconds from any web platform using the UserVitals browser extension.

Any team member can submit feedback to the Inbox where it will get reviewed by PMs, converted into insights, and assigned to a story.

    List of stories (high level feature requests) found in the UserVitals admin portal

    Seamlessly integrate with existing customer channels

    Integrate with your existing customer-facing platforms to submit feedback when and where you receive it

    Now it’s easier than ever stay on top of all incoming feedback and submit it in real-time while it’s still relevant.

      Editing options drop down for customer stories including share, merge, and delete

      Let your customers directly add feedback

      Customers can easily log in to the customer portal with SSO and add new feedback straight to your team’s Inbox.

      Giving your customers a convenient feedback submission location saves you the time of capturing their feedback from other platforms.

      List of product roadmap items with visibility settings for private and public roadmap boards

      Engage users with  your progress

      Show your customers that you are bringing their insights to life through the UserVitals customer portal.

      The customer portal can be configured to work as a public roadmap, or alternatively kept as a private roadmap - just for your customers or internal team.

      Your customers can continue to actively get involved by adding further feedback on any roadmap items.

      Customer feedback submission form with prioritization settings of blocker, must have, and nice to have

      Streamline communication and keep everyone in-the-loop

      Make your customers a part of the conversation at every stage by allowing them to view the status of their feedback submissions at an time.

      Increase customer satisfaction by sending automatic email updates that inform customers on how their feedback has been used.

      To be the first to know of any official product changes, your customers can subsribe to changelog updates.

      List of product roadmap items with visibility settings for private and public roadmap boards

      Harness the power of user feedback.

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