How [[name]] benefits from using UserVitals to manage their customer feedback loop

Capture feedback in seconds

[[name]] can collect feedback from anywhere on the web in seconds using our Chrome extensions and integrations. UserVitals provides a central place for all incoming customer feedback, allowing [[name]] to easily stay on top of feature requests.

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Publish branded roadmaps

UserVitals allows [[name]] to plan their product development on private roadmaps for their team, and public roadmaps for customers like you! Customers who submit feedback will get notified when their feedback has been used for a roadmap item.

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Share changelog updates

[[name]] uses UserVitals to share product updates to keep customers in-the-loop. Updates can be published in the customer portal and/or via changelog widgets. Customers can also subscribe to changelog updates to get notified instantly.

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Harness the power of user feedback.

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