UserVitals empowers customer-focused product owners to accelerate product development using customer insights

Your current feedback process has valuable insights falling in between the cracks, and upvotes simply don’t tell the full story. UserVitals provides your team with a central platform for your customer feedback while supporting you through your entire feedback cycle – from organizing and prioritizing feature requests to annoucing product releases.

chrome extension

Capture feedback from anywhere

Add new feedback in seconds without leaving your browser by submitting a customer insight via the Chrome extension.

With UserVitals, you can use your database of valuable insights to create high-impact product changes.

Central location

Organize and prioritize feedback

Organize customer insights & use cases into high level feature requests called Stories to instantly obtain a high-level view of your customer’s needs.

Customer feedback can be further organized by type (issue, feedback or other), labels, categories and priority.

Hybrid roadmap

Align teams and users to your product roadmap

Your team’s internal roadmap and public roadmap both serve important but very different purposes.

UserVitals gives your team the power to make parts of the roadmap private to cater to both audiences in one central place.

Changelog Portal and Widget

Share product updates

With the UserVitals changelog widget, your customers can view the latest product release and updates without having to leave your team's marketing site.

UserVitals will also automatically notify users once you launch the feature they requested, and they can view full details on your portal.


Integrate with your workflow

UserVitals seamlessly integrates with your team’s existing platforms, allowing you to enhance your existing workflow and track feedback without the hassle of switching apps.

Add feedback direcly from customer facing tools, assign tasks to your engineering team using Linear, and use Zapier to automate tasks – all through UserVitals.

Quick Answers to

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is UserVitals for?

UserVitals is for product and customer success teams who want to be aligned on product strategy and get a clear picture on what their future roadmap looks like. UserVitals helps product owners make sense of the chaos of customer feedback. Feedback coming from different sources - support tickets, e-mails, calls, etc. The tool helps them collect, organize, and prioritize that feedback – while also keeping the customers in the loop with updates and future roadmap.

How is UserVitals different from other tools?

Most feedback tools simply collect upvotes, but you need a tool to helps collect real use cases from your customers. With just upvote, you lose out valuable insights behind why customers request specific features. With UserVitals, you will have access to product feedback that helps you make customer-centric product decisions.