Build better products, faster

UserVitals empowers your team to build outstanding products through a structured, user-centric feedback management process.

A simple and effective way to collect, manage, and utilize product feedback

Improve engagement, streamline communication, and set product improvement in motion.

UserVitals Chrome extension, customer portal roadmap, and product updates via a changelog widget
Step 1

Capture valuable and constructive feedback - anywhere

    Allow your customers to seamlessly provide feedback through your branded customer portal. Use SSO to authenticate customers from your application.

    Your team members can track feedback wherever you are having customer conversations, whether it be a demo, an email or a support ticket - capture on any web app through our chrome extension.

    What about existing platforms and tools?

    Beyond our chrome extension, UserVitals integrates seamlessly with Slack, Intercom, Helpscout and more to empower your customer success & product teams to collaborate on customer feedback from existing tools.

    Icons of integrations available for UserVitals customer feedback collection
    Step 2

    Product development with customer insights, not just upvotes

    Keep track of all of common feature requests, ideas, and pain points that come through customer channels.

    All feedback is valuable, so why hide it behind an upvote? Existing customer data is automatically connected to each insight, allowing your team to better understand who the feedback is from and what to do with it.

    Why do I need to capture feedback in detail?

    Different customers have different needs. By capturing and collecting all feedback from its original source, you’ll be able to know what your customers actually want, and why - instead of just guessing.

    UserVitals Chrome extension capturing customer feedback and adding it as an insight
    Step 3

    Organize and prioritize your feedback in one central location

      Use UserVitals and customer feedback to instantly obtain a high-level view of your customer’s needs.

      Customer feedback can be further organized by type (issue, feedback or other), labels, categories and priority. Organize customer insights & use cases into high level feature requests called Stories.

      While all customer feedback is useful, prioritize feedback from your most valuable customers to create high-impact changes.

      How can this help my team?

      By organizing feedback into use cases on a central platform, you align your product and customer-facing teams to create plans backed by real user insights.

      List of stories (high level feature requests) found in the UserVitals admin portal
      Step 4

      Elevate and engage with the voice of your customers

      Show your customers that you are bringing their insights to life through the UserVitals customer portal.

      The customer portal can be configured to work as a public roadmap - so everyone can see what you are working on. Alternatively keep it as a private roadmap - just for your customers or internal team.

      How can we incorporate the customer voice into private roadmap items?

      Unlike other tools, UserVitals allows your team to confidentially request feedback. Simply send a link to customers and they will be able to view and submit their insights to a private story.

      Customer portal product roadmap displaying upcoming product changes
      Step 5

      Streamline communication and keep everyone in-the-loop

        Make your customers a part of the conversation at every stage.

        Showcase your progress by sending out automatic emails to customers when the status of a roadmap item changes.

        To be the first to know of any product changes, your customers can subscribe to changelog updates which will email them once a new update is made.

        How do we keep customers engaged?

        Through UserVitals allowing customers to view all their feedback submissions and each one’s respective status on the user portal, customer’s feel more involved in the development process.

        Customer portal showing a customer's feedback history and the status of each insight
        Step 6

        Close the feedback loop and celebrate your hardwork

        Changelog widget embedded on a website showing the most recent three product updates

        Changelog Widget

        Add a changelog widget to your site to let customers view the most recent product updates seamlessly

        Customer portal showing product changelog entries

        Customer Portal

        Keep your customers in-the-loop with a full list of previous product updates

        Explore how UserVitals can help you navigate the customer feedback loop