A Free Feedback Widget by UserVitals

A feedback widget for your product. This embeddable widget captures feedback from your customers or marketing leads. Easy to install. Customizable. Push to Slack, Email, Zapier, Webhooks.

Customizable feedback widget for everyone

An embeddable widget to capture feedback from your customers or marketing leads.

UserVitals Chrome extension, customer portal roadmap, and product updates via a changelog widget

Collect feedback without friction

    Embed the feedback widget on any webpage to easily collect customer feedback.

    The widget is highly customisable so you can choose the messaging that suits your business.

    Icons of integrations available for UserVitals customer feedback collection

    Instant notifications

    When feedback is submitted via the widget - we instantly surfaced where you or your team are already working. We support common destinations such as Slack, Email and Zapier out of the box.For advanced users, enable Webhooks so you can develop your custom feedback loop workflow.

    UserVitals Chrome extension capturing customer feedback and adding it as an insight

    Identify your customers and leads

      Our feedback widget will ask unidentified leads their name and email before feedback submission, so your team can follow up later.

      Our widget also comes with an option to provide a securely encrypted JWT to identify your existing customers.

      This SSO option will allow us to identify your known customers and make it even easier for them to provide feedback.

      List of stories (high level feature requests) found in the UserVitals admin portal

      View, filter and sort feedback

      Manage all your feedback in our app. Our inbox has functionality so you can filter by sender, project, tags, or the type of feedback.

      You can also push to your own systems using our custom webhook such as Notion, Airtable or your own database.

      Customer portal product roadmap displaying upcoming product changes