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    Since its inception in 2008, UserVoice has become a highly expensive tool primarily only used by large corporations. Discover why you should choose UserVitals over UserVoice if you're looking for an all-around feedback management tool that's both affordable and effective.

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    Starting Price:



    UserVitals offers affordable packages that are transparent and include all the essential features needed.


    Starting Price:


    *Estimated pricing based on multiple sources

    UserVoice's pricing model is tailored towards large enterprises and can be a quite costly option for startups and SMBs.

    UserVoice removed their pricing page in 2017, therefore if you want a quote for your company, you will need to first sit through a sales demo to discuss pricing and features. Multiple sources, including a UserVoice representative, have claimed that UserVoice packages start at $500 a month for 1 product manager and just the basic features. Additional features, like a custom domain name, could cost you an additional $100 a month.

    If you’re a large company and willing to pay hundreds of dollars per month, then UserVoice may be the right tool for you. Microsoft has been a customer for several years, proving that UserVoice can handle large enterprises.

    However, if you're a smaller company, we highly recommend you consider other more affordable and modern options. For example, UserVitals is a new feedback management tool designed that's available at as low as $50 per month.

    Why choose UserVitals over UserVoice?



    Collect detailed insights, not upvotes

    Different customers have different needs. By capturing and collecting insights from its original source, you’ll be able to know what your customers actually want, and why - instead of just guessing.

    Focuses on feature voting

    UserVoice is a feature voting tool and focuses on collecting upvotes rather than individual insights. Hiding feature requests behind upvotes make it difficult for your team to understand why users want a feature.

    Easy and user-friendly

    Having an easy way to capture and manage feedback is key to successful product teams. UserVitals was built to make feedback management simple yet powerful in helping you make informed product decisions—all while avoiding a complicated manual process.

    Overwhelming features

    There's a lot of functionality in UserVoice, which can be great at times, but it also confuses many users. With a complicated set of features, you may end up spending a lot of time figuring out how to navigate and use the application.

    Simple, fair pricing

    UserVitals has transparent and affordable pricing options with no strings attached. With prices starting as low as $50, you can get all the important feedback management features needed at a fraction of UserVoice's prices.

    Expensive pricing model

    The extremely high cost of UserVoice makes it an unrealistic tool for many startups and SMBs. With UserVoice's starting price at $500, the outdated interface and confusing features don't seem to justify the price.

    Capture valuable and constructive feedback - anywhere

      UserVitals allows your customers to seamlessly provide feedback through your branded customer portal. Use SSO to authenticate customers from your application.

      Your team members can track feedback wherever you are having customer conversations, whether it be a demo, an email or a support ticket - capture on any web app through our chrome extension.

      What about existing platforms and tools?

      Beyond our chrome extension, UserVitals integrates seamlessly with Slack, Intercom, Helpscout and more to empower your customer success & product teams to collaborate on customer feedback from existing tools.

      Icons of integrations available for UserVitals customer feedback collection

      Product development with customer insights, not just upvotes

      With UserVitals, easily keep track of all of common feature requests, ideas, and pain points that come through customer channels.

      All feedback is valuable, so why hide it behind an upvote? Existing customer data is automatically connected to each insight, allowing your team to better understand who the feedback is from and what to do with it.

      Why do I need to capture feedback in detail?

      Different customers have different needs. By capturing and collecting all feedback from its original source, you’ll be able to know what your customers actually want, and why - instead of just guessing.

      UserVitals Chrome extension capturing customer feedback and adding it as an insight