UserVitals: The best Trello alternative

    Although popular, Trello might not prove to be the ideal solution for closing your customer feedback loop. Below are few significant differences that makes UserVitals stand out more and might prove to be a better fit for your company than Trello.

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    Email update sent to a customer showing that their feedback submitted has a new status

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    Our starter plan lets you easily access up to 300 tracked stories.




    Trello's per-user pricing makes it difficult to bring in multiple collaborators as your product grows.

    Why choose UserVitals over Trello?



    Collect detailed insights, not upvotes

    It lets you collect ongoing feedback which not only helps you progress more efficiently but also in the right direction. This helps guide the teams work in a more productive manner.

    Difficult to track progress, focuses on upvotes

    It is difficult to measure the performance of the project as it is mainly focused on upvote. Due to this, it is difficult to keep tabs on how the project is progressing as well as learning exactly how to improve the project.

    Browser extension for feedback

    UserVitals provides an option through which one can select which boards can be visible to the public and which ones should be private.

    Limited feedback collection channels

    Trello displays too many boards at the same time which makes it appear very cluttered and unorganized.

    Simple, fair pricing

    Not only are the Uservitals feature easy to use and understand, it also showcases more details as compared to Trello which helps in the easy growth of the company.

    Expensive pricing model

    Although its simplicity might seem as a better option in the beginning, it might hamper the progress in the long run as the company grows. It is way too open ended and consumes a lot of time to properly organize and structure the progress.

    Open SSO

    With the help of a customizable roadmap, Uservitals tools will bring simplicity as well as clarity to the projects and will help in providing a personal touch.

    Limited features

    As it does not provide the feature to customize the product, it lacks transparency and is not well organized. Due, to this its hard for the stakeholders to keep a tab on how the project is progressing.