UserVitals is the best Product Board alternative for SMBs

    With UserVitals, you can get access to the features Product Board users love - without breaking the bank. If you're looking for an all-around feedback management tool that's affordable and built for team collaboration, check out UserVitals!

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    Email update sent to a customer showing that their feedback submitted has a new status

    Starting Price:


    *All inclusive price

    UserVitals allows you to easily collaborate through our plans that don't increase with every new admin added.

    Product Board

    Starting Price:


    *Pay $20 for every admin added

    Product Board's pricing model gets expensive fast as you pay for every team member added to your account.

    Product Board's starting package, "Essentials", comes with minimal features as it mainly just grants you roadmap capabilities. Most teams will need at least the "Pro" package that includes feedback management tools - a vital component of good product management.

    Without a doubt, Product Board is a leading product management tool with many great features, but their pricing is expensive and charges you per "Maker". This means every new team member you add to your Product Board will cost an additional amount. If you want to scale the use of the tool or give your full team access, it’ll cost you a lot.

    At UserVitals we let you collaborate with more team members at a more affordable price. Collaboration is a key factor in effectively managing your feedback, so don't let unnecessarily high costs prevent you from making great products.

    Why choose UserVitals over Product Board?


    Product Board

    Prioritizes good feedback management

    UserVitals is a dedicated feedback management tool that's straightforward to use, integrates with your existing workflow, and streamlines product management.

    Focuses on feature voting

    Product Board is primarily a product management tool, with feedback management as a smaller component. With a focus on many niche features, the core process of capturing and managing feedback is overlooked.

    Streamlined feedback collection

    On top of our customer portal and integrations, you can easily capture valuable feedback anytime, anywhere using the UserVitals Chrome extension. Whether it be from a demo, an email, or a support ticket - your team can capture feedback in seconds from any web app.

    Time-consuming feedback collection

    Through Product Board, your team can only submit feedback using their integrations or manually via feedback boards. Without a browser extension, it becomes more difficult and inefficient to capture feedback across the web.
    "Productboard's UI and organizational structure makes it a bit difficult to understand who specifically gave you the feedback."
    - 2021 Capterra review of Product Board
    "There's a lot of functionality in productboard, so you can get lost sometimes."
    - 2021 G2 review of Product Board

    Easy and user-friendly

    Having an easy way to capture and manage feedback is key to successful product teams. UserVitals was built to make feedback management simple yet powerful in helping you make informed product decisions—all while avoiding a complicated manual process.

    Overwhelming features

    There's a lot of functionality in Product Board, which can be great at times, but it also confuses many users. With a complicated set of features, you may end up spending a lot of time figuring out how to navigate and use the application.

    Simple, fair pricing

    At UserVitals we let you collaborate with more team members for a more affordable price! Collaboration is a key factor in effectively managing your feedback, so don't let unnecessarily high costs prevent you from making great products.

    Expensive pricing model

    The relatively high cost of the per-admin pricing model limits your team's ability to collaborate. Feedback management is best when customer success and product management teams can efficiently work together, but with Product Board, this comes at a high price.

    Capture valuable and constructive feedback - anywhere

      UserVitals allows your customers to seamlessly provide feedback through your branded customer portal. Use SSO to authenticate customers from your application.

      Your team members can track feedback wherever you are having customer conversations, whether it be a demo, an email or a support ticket - capture on any web app through our chrome extension.

      What about existing platforms and tools?

      Beyond our chrome extension, UserVitals integrates seamlessly with Slack, Intercom, Helpscout and more to empower your customer success & product teams to collaborate on customer feedback from existing tools.

      Icons of integrations available for UserVitals customer feedback collection

      Elevate and engage with the voice of your customers

      Show your customers that you are bringing their insights to life through the UserVitals customer portal.

      The customer portal can be configured to work as a public roadmap - so everyone can see what you are working on. Alternatively, keep it as a private roadmap - just for your customers or internal team.

      How can we incorporate the customer voice into private roadmap items?

      Unlike other tools, UserVitals allows your team to confidentially request feedback. Simply send a link to customers and they will be able to view and submit their insights to a private story.

      UserVitals Chrome extension capturing customer feedback and adding it as an insight