UserVitals is the affordable FeatureUpvote alternative

    FeatureUpvote is a popular modern tool aiding in the organization and processing of user feedback. UserVitals is as easy to use, more easily integrated into your workflow, and operates at a more cost-effective pricing model. Read on to learn how exactly UserVitals can help you earn your next Upvote.

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    Email update sent to a customer showing that their feedback submitted has a new status

    Starting Price:


    UserVitals allows you to collect feedback from more tracked users – up to 300 for our starting package.


    Starting Price:


    FeatureUpvote is limited to a single feedback board unless negotiated and is less suitable for companies with multiple projects or audiences.

    FeatureUpvote has a strict payment per board model where all user feedback submitted is jumbled together in one page. In a single board, your team can only use the tag function to generally filter for specific categories. To purchase more than ten boards, your team must contact their support staff for a more precise quote. Hence, this model is more expensive and less suitable for teams with multiple projects, teams and target audiences.

    UserVitals is able to cater to your feedback collection needs and ensures that no insights slip through the cracks so your team can make the most of customer feedback. Your team can collect feedback anytime, anywhere through our chrome extensions, improve engagement, streamline communication, and set product improvement in motion, all with our “Essentials” package.

    Why choose UserVitals over FeatureUpvote?



    Collect detailed insights, not upvotes

    UserVitals provides your team with a comprehensive feedback collection system that consolidates multiple feedback streams in an organized space. Your team can collaborate, analyze and enact upon collected insights easily. Different customers have different needs so UserVitals doesn’t hide it behind an upvote.

    Focuses on upvotes

    FeatureUpvotes runs an upvotes board separated from your workflow and customer streams. Startup companies and products that get numerous feedback in different streams will have trouble understanding individual customer requests due to hidden comments. FeatureUpvotes also lacks a method for your team to organize and announce new product changes added to your customers.

    Changelogs celebrates change

    UserVitals has a separate, customizable product updates list that can be viewed via the customer portal, or through a changelog widget installed on your website. This ability to celebrate work completed and inform customers showcases how much you value their feedback.

    Less transparency for your customers

    Aside from filtering the “done” tag, FeatureUpvote lacks a clear and concise way to display feedback taken and changes made on your products. This filter is organized by upvotes instead of dates, reducing the incentive for customers to take the time to write feedback.

    Diverse integrations, actively adding

    UserVitals can be seamlessly integrated with your website and workflow. Feedback can be collected from all streams through simple chrome extensions and integrates with Intercom, Slack, Help Scout, Gmail, Linear and Zapier. What’s more, our team is actively looking for more possible integrations so let us know what your team uses!

    Fewer selection of integrations

    FeatureUpvotes focuses on feedback boards with your customers and your team using the same interface outside your website. Integrations are therefore neglected, FeatureUpvote has only added Slack, Microsoft Teams, Jira, SSP and Zapier in 5 years.

    Simple, cost-effective pricing model

    UserVitals provides both a feedback management and product development tool. Capture feedback, prioritize requests and share your product changes all through our cost-effective packages.

    Expensive pricing model

    FeatureUpvote is more suitable to enterprises with higher budgets and a single, established product, as prices can quickly add up if more than one feedback board is needed.

    Capture valuable and constructive feedback - anywhere

      UserVitals allows your customers to seamlessly provide feedback through your branded customer portal. Use SSO to authenticate customers from your application.

      Your team members can track feedback wherever you are having customer conversations, whether it be a demo, an email or a support ticket - capture on any web app through our chrome extension.

      What about existing platforms and tools?

      Beyond our chrome extension, UserVitals integrates seamlessly with Slack, Intercom, Helpscout and more to empower your customer success & product teams to collaborate on customer feedback from existing tools.

      Icons of integrations available for UserVitals customer feedback collection

      Product development with customer insights, not just upvotes

      With UserVitals, easily keep track of all of common feature requests, ideas, and pain points that come through customer channels.

      All feedback is valuable, so why hide it behind an upvote? Existing customer data is automatically connected to each insight, allowing your team to better understand who the feedback is from and what to do with it.

      Why do I need to capture feedback in detail?

      Different customers have different needs. By capturing and collecting all feedback from its original source, you’ll be able to know what your customers actually want, and why - instead of just guessing.

      UserVitals Chrome extension capturing customer feedback and adding it as an insight

      Harness the power of user feedback.

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      Harness the power of user feedback.

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      We are currently in early access and are looking to work with companies of all sizes. Drop your email and we’ll be in touch!

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