Looking for an AnnounceKit alternative? Try Uservitals.

    If you’re looking for the All-In-One Tool for Feedback Management and product Development, take a look at how UserVitals is a better alternative to AnnounceKit. We provide the widgets & tools to capture feedback in seconds and plan roadmaps. Automatic product updates through our powerful changelog widget and custom-branded customer portals.

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    Email update sent to a customer showing that their feedback submitted has a new status

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    UserVitals is a more affordable offering that includes an all-in-one feedback solution that provides custom branding.


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    AnnounceKit’s base plan provides a changelog along with Slack & E-mail notifications.

    Why choose UserVitals over AnnounceKit?



    Roadmap, Customer Portal and Changelog Widget

    UserVitals is the all-in-one solution to help close the feedback loop for all your products. It provides custom widgets for your customer portal, changelog, and  powerful roadmaps. You can gain a comprehensive understanding of all your customer needs at a glance - by viewing all their past feedback.

    Learn more about how Uservitals works here.

    Includes Only a Notification Widget

    Announcekit provides a notification widget that can be embedded in multiple ways. It has features such as in-app notifications, e-mail notifications, and feedback collection.

    Captures valuable and constructive feedback from dozens of apps

    Capture feedback from any web app through our powerful chrome extension.
    Learn more about it here.

    UserVitals also integrates seamlessly with Slack, Intercom, Helpscout and more to empower your customer success & product teams to collaborate on customer feedback from existing tools.
    Click here for a full list of UserVitals integrations.

    User Tracking Through E-mail Only

    AnnounceKit’s only way of tracking user feedback is through e-mail. This means that information coming from other sources is lost, and cannot be used to guide future product updates. AnnounceKit therefore remains more of a powerful notification widget than an actual all-in-one solution for your customer’s feedback.

    Capture valuable and constructive feedback - anywhere

      UserVitals allows your customers to seamlessly provide feedback through your branded customer portal. Use SSO to authenticate customers from your application.

      Your team members can track feedback wherever you are having customer conversations, whether it be a demo, an email or a support ticket - capture on any web app through our chrome extension.

      What about existing platforms and tools?

      Beyond our chrome extension, UserVitals integrates seamlessly with Slack, Intercom, Helpscout and more to empower your customer success & product teams to collaborate on customer feedback from existing tools.

      Icons of integrations available for UserVitals customer feedback collection

      Product development with customer insights, not just upvotes

      With UserVitals, easily keep track of all of common feature requests, ideas, and pain points that come through customer channels.

      All feedback is valuable, so why hide it behind an upvote? Existing customer data is automatically connected to each insight, allowing your team to better understand who the feedback is from and what to do with it.

      Why do I need to capture feedback in detail?

      Different customers have different needs. By capturing and collecting all feedback from its original source, you’ll be able to know what your customers actually want, and why - instead of just guessing.

      UserVitals Chrome extension capturing customer feedback and adding it as an insight
      List of upvotes made by customers for feature requests
      Problem #1

      Most Tools Only Collect Upvotes

      Most of them collect upvotes, but you need a tool to help collect real use cases from your customers.

      You have a bunch of upvotes, but no context
      Lack of actionable information
      Customer feedback from various sources getting added to a spreadsheet
      Problem #2

      Others Collect Too Much Feedback & Makes It Impossible to Organize

      You have so much feedback, that you cannot organize or filter it to plan your roadmap.

      No real use cases from customers
      No way to turn this into a roadmap
      No way to prioritize or organise this