Why Use a Feedback Board

Feedback boards are great ways to collect and organize consumer feedback to help improve your product and make it more customer-focused. Learn more about using a feedback board in UserVitals.

Why use a Feedback Board?

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by all the customer feedback coming in from countless channels? With all this feedback, how do you organize it and use it to make good product decisions? Well, that's where feedback boards come in!

What is a Feedback Board?

Feedback boards are great ways to collect and organize consumer feedback to help improve your product and make it more customer-focused. After talking to many product managers, it's clear that feedback boards not only make feedback management easier but also drives better product decisions. Once you have a product decision ready to be set in motion, you can make your product decisions public, in a format such as a roadmap, or kept private and internal.

How Can a Feedback Board Improve My Product?

Customer feedback can come from many different sources but UserVitals makes automating your feedback management system easy and pain-free. Through UserVitals, you can seamlessly collect this feedback using our Chrome extension, or from our integrations like Slack, Help Scout, and Intercom. For customers, they can simply log in to the customer portal using SSO and directly input feedback.

Collecting feedback via the UserVitals Chrome extension

Individual pieces of feedback (insights) can easily be grouped and organized into high-level feature requests (stories) that allow you to better understand what product changes to make next. You and your team can see exactly what customers are requesting, and why they want specific features. UserVitals' detailed feedback board eliminates the need to guess what features to build next, so your team can start making more informed product decisions.

UserVitals' stories page

We also make it easy to create public roadmaps based on your stories. Each story listed on your roadmap has a section for further feedback, allowing your users to give their thoughts on each one and help you further understand your audience’s needs.

Public roadmap

Adding feedback for a roadmap item

How Can a Feedback Board Improve My Customer Relations?

Feedback boards demonstrate that your team is customer-oriented and wants to use feedback to constantly improve the product. Through the UserVitals customer portal, your customers will feel valued since they can add feedback and see the feedback being used for product decisions in real-time.

Also, you can form stronger connections with customers by being transparent about your roadmap and including them in the process. UserVitals enables you to turn customer feedback into planned roadmap items so that your customers can stay up-to-date.

Lastly, active feedback boards encourage engagement. Customers will be more willing to submit more feedback when they see your company actually implements feedback. When your customers see your planned changes in the roadmap and product updates via changelogs, they'' understand exactly how customer feedback was implemented.

The product decisions you must routinely make as a product manager have an impact on the success of your company and product. Start using a tool that makes it easier for you to make the right product decisions and align everyone on upcoming changes.

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