UserVitals 101

Get started with the basics of UserVitals.

UserVitals is an All-In-One Tool for Feedback Management and Product Development.

Hey there 👋   Welcome to UserVitals!

This article covers all the basics to make sure you have a great understanding of our product and all it's features.

UserVitals allows your team to build outstanding products through a simple and customer-centric feedback management process. But how, exactly? 🤔

01 Capture & Collect | Learn more

First, capture insights from your existing tools, and consolidate them into one place.

02 Organize & Prioritize | Learn more

We then help identify which features to build next so you can make informed product decisions.

03 Plan Roadmaps | Learn more

Make sure to align your team with a roadmap. Develop better products with real customer needs.

04 | Update Changelogs | Learn More

Close the feedback loop and keep your customers in-the-loop. We know your team is great at making product changes, so make sure your customers can see them!

Keep reading to learn more about how UserVitals can help you build better products. Still have questions? Take a look at our FAQ page.

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