What is an Insight in UserVitals?

What is an Insight in UserVitals?

Insights are valuable feedback from customers that you can use to benefit or improve your product. Here at UserVitals, we collect insights from customers instead of just upvotes so you can see what's truly important and make smart product decisions based on insights from your customers. We help pull insights for you from individual pieces of feedback like quotes, testimonials and support tickets, all gathered from users from different sources.

These insights can then be collected into Stories, which can give you a broader picture of your customer’s needs and opinions.

With insights collected backed by use cases, your team can make informed product decisions and improvements.

Where do these insights come from?

We pull these insights in from several different sources. Though we have portals for customers to leave feedback in and widgets for your website, we also integrate with many popular apps like Slack, Gmail, Intercom and HelpScout to broaden your feedback platforms. You can also use the UserVitals Google Chrome extension to save customer feedback from any webpage and send it directly to UserVitals as a Chrome Extension. For more information about the Chrome extension, click here.

How do I view my insights?

All the data we collect for you can be viewed in our app. Simply log in to your Admin Portal and all of this information will be visible to you. You can organize and sort your feedback by priority, story, user and much more.

The insights collected will be stored in the Insight page where you can organize them and add them to stories.  Also, in the Contacts page, you can click on your contacts/customers to see the specific insights that they have submitted.

How do I add an insight?

There are many different ways and options to add an insight in UserVitals.

1. Chrome Extension

You can use the Google Chrome extension by highlighting the feedback you want to collect, opening the extension to collect that insight, choosing the insight's priority and assigning it to a story, then finally adding the feedback so your whole team can view it.

2. UserVitals Integrations

You can also use UserVitals' integrations to add customer insights. You can capture insights from Slack using their global and message shortcuts. You can capture insights from Intercom when customers support feedback and insights through the Intercom messenger function. In addition, you can also add insights with Help Scout by enabling your team to view all insights submitted in the past. For more info about integrations, click here.

Intercom Integration

3. Admin Portal

There are also multiple ways to add an insight through the admin portal. From the main page, you can click track feedback to add an insight. From the insights tab, you can click "Add an Insight" to submit all the feedback and organize it as well. Additionally, you can create a magic link for your customers to directly submit a story, click here to see how you can do this!

3. Customer Portal

Finally, any customers logged into the customer portal can click Give Feedback to submit any general feedback, or submit feedback under a specific roadmap function.

For more in-depth information about adding an insight in any of the ways described above, click here.