What is an Inbox Message in UserVitals?

An inbox message is a message obtained from a customer that contains feedback within it. Learn more about Inbox Messages in UserVitals.

What is an Inbox Message in UserVitals?

An inbox message is a message obtained from a customer that contains feedback within it. These messages are either submitted by customers or your team members and oftentimes may include filler details that aren't exactly useful pieces of feedback. Therefore, inbox messages can be viewed as the original message, which after review from your team, can be converted into an insight and organized into a story.

Why use Inbox Messages?

The inbox can be considered a place for all feedback coming in from a variety of sources and integrations. All of the feedback gathered from Chrome extension, Help Scout, Slack, and other integrations are sent to the Inbox where it could be filtered, labelled and reviewed. Based on the messages, users can create valuable insights which are then assigned to stories.

Where do these inbox messages come from?

We pull these inbox messages in from several different sources. UserVitals has a customer portal for customers to leave feedback, which all get sent to a user's inbox. We also integrate with many popular apps like Slack, Gmail, Intercom and HelpScout to broaden your feedback platforms. You can also use the UserVitals Google Chrome extension to save customer feedback from any webpage and send it directly to UserVitals, either as an inbox message or an insight.

For more information about the Chrome extension, click here.

How do I view my inbox messages?

All the data we collect for you can be viewed in our app. Simply log in to your Admin Portal and all of your inbox messages will be visible to you in the Inbox page. You can organize and sort the messages by status, source, integrations, labels, and contacts.

How do I add an inbox message?

There are many different ways and options to add an inbox message in UserVitals. Here are the 3 main ways.

1. Chrome Extension

You can add an inbox message via the Google Chrome extension by:

  1. Highlighting the feedback you want to collect
  2. Opening the extension to collect that message
  3. Pressing the Inbox icon found at the top right of the modal
  4. Adding a title (optional)
  5. Assigning it to a contact  (optional)
  6. Pressing "Add Feedback"

2. Admin Portal

On the admin portal's main page, you can click "Create Inbox Message". Also, from the Inbox tab, you can click "Add Message".

3. Customer Portal

Finally, any customers logged in to the customer portal can click "Give Feedback" to submit any product feedback. These will get sent straight to your team's inbox for you to review.

For more in-depth information about all the ways of adding inbox messages, click here.

How do I turn an inbox message into an insight?

To turn an inbox message into an insight, simply highlight the portion of the inbox message you want to convert, click Create Insight, fill out the fields, and then that piece of the inbox message will become an insight. Also, if there are separate pieces of feedback within one inbox message, you can highlight those sections separately and create different insights!

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