What is a Story in UserVitals?

What is a Story in UserVitals?

Stories in UserVitals are collections of insights and feedback from many different platforms. These can be based on specific tags, topics, or feature requests, or simply on where in the roadmap this feedback occurs.

Stories are extremely important to not only organize but also prioritize all the insights and feedback you receive. Categorize your insights to improve workflow and efficiency and see exactly what needs to get done!

Whereas insights are the raw details, stories form the larger picture of how your customer uses your product and how you can best improve it for them. They help you organize your insights in a way that best benefits you.

In UserVitals, we help you organize your stories by different types, statuses and labels for even easier organization.

How to Setup a Story

Adding a story in UserVitals is easy!

Under the Stories tab in your UserVitals admin portal, click on the Add a story button in the upper-right corner.

After adding a name, and description + portal summary (optional), the story will show up in your feed.

Click on this new story to add insights to it, change its status and type/category, and choose its visibility. And you’re done!

In addition, if you are creating a new insight and do not have a story for it, you can easily create a new story without leaving that insight creation form.

For more info about organizing your stories, click here.