What is a Roadmap in UserVitals?

Branded private and public roadmaps are available with UserVitals, allowing you to keep valuable stakeholders updated. Learn more about Roadmaps in UserVitals..

What Is a Roadmap?

Your roadmap is located within the customer portal, it is where customers can see their insights and suggestions come to life. Your tasks, plans and everything that you are working on can be found here. You can choose to make your roadmap public or private. A public roadmap will be able to be viewed by everyone to see what you are working on. A private roadmap will only be able to be seen by your internal team and customers.

Roadmaps are a great way to lay out what's planned, what's currently being worked on, and what's completed.

Why Use Roadmaps?

Use roadmaps so your users know exactly what's going on and can follow along with the updates you are implementing. Customers can also submit comments on the changes you are working on or have planned. UserVitals also allows your team to confidentially request feedback, you can do this by sending a link to customers and they will be able to view and submit their insights to a private story.

How To Set Up Your Roadmap

To set up your roadmap, go to the Stories tab in your admin portal. From there, you can create stories or edit existing stories. In order to have the stories show on your roadmap, you want to turn the visibility onto "public" and the status to either planned, in progress or completed.

For more info about how to create your roadmap, click here.

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