What is a Changelog in UserVitals?

What Is a Changelog?

The changelog is the perfect space for you to announce and alert your customers about new changes you have implemented. A changelog is a list of product updates, such as product improvements, bug fixes, and new features. Also, customers can subscribe to your changelog to be the first to know about product updates.

In UserVitals, changelog updates can be viewed via the customer portal, or through a changelog widget installed on your website.

Customer Portal Changelog

The customer portal contains the full list of your team's product updates to allow customers to get a comprehensive understanding of the changes.

Changelog Widget

On the other hand, the UserVitals changelog widget lets your customers view the most recent product updates seamlessly on your website or application - without ever leaving the page.

Why Use a Changelog?

Use a changelog to update your customers about what is going on. Show them you are consistently listening to them and improving your product to make it the best version it can be. To encourage feature adoption and engagement, you can link related documentation and help docs to further guide customers on how to use the new changes.

How to Set Up a Changelog

Setting up a changelog is very simple! Within your admin portal, there is a Changelog tab on the left side. From there, you can choose to create a new post. First, choose your title and the draft will then be created. You can then edit and add the information, pictures, and descriptions about the new changes you've made. When you are ready the changelog will be posted and customers who have subscribed will be alerted of the new announcement. Learn more about creating a changelog entry.