What is the UserVitals Chrome Extension?

What is the UserVitals Chrome Extension?

The UserVitals Chrome extension allows you to save customer feedback from any web page and send it to UserVitals as a customer insight. The Chrome extension is compatible with all browser-based tools to allow for a quick highlight & capture.

How It Works

In a few easy steps, you'll be able to capture valuable customer feedback and send it right to your feedback portal.

  1. Highlight Feedback: Highlight and select the relevant feedback you wish to collect within the web-based tool you're using
  2. Open Extension: Open the UserVitals chrome extension and the highlighted feedback will automatically populate the insight field. It will also automatically attach the insight to an existing contact, or create a new one for you.
  3. Organize Your Insight: Within the extension, choose the insight's priority at the top right corner, then assign it to a story.
  4. Submit Feedback: Click “Add Feedback” and you’re done! The insight will automatically appear on the UserVitals portal ready for you and your team to review.

Why Use It?

Capturing and adding customer insights manually can be time-consuming and tedious. UserVitals makes it an easy and seamless process for you. Here are some of the great benefits of using our Chrome extension:

  1. Save time: Instead of moving between tabs and applications to add the feedback you collected, you can add it right on any web-based tool your team is already using.
  2. Advanced auto-complete: No need to copy and paste the feedback! Once you've highlighted the piece of feedback, our smart auto-complete will fill in the feedback for you.
  3. Customer recognition: We know you want to organize your customers efficiently - so let us facilitate that for you. Our extension will automatically detect the customer from your existing list, or if they're new, it will create a new contact for you.

Learn more about how to install the Chrome extension.