Use UserVitals With Internal Teams

UserVitals makes it easy for your team to collaborate on managing your feedback and building great products. Empower your team to help capture feedback, improve your overall workflow and make product decisions together.

How UserVitals Can Strengthen Your Team

UserVitals can be very helpful at not only just strengthening your teams, but also streamlining communication. UserVitals can help your teams collaborate, improve your workflow and help your team prioritize tasks. Everyone on your team can install the Google Chrome extension and contribute to adding insights. Your product managers can then see the insights and begin to make informed product decisions based on your customer feedback. From there, they can work with other teams to put the change in place as well as update it in your changelog. The workflow here is clear, collaborative, and straightforward.

UserVitals can also help teams communicate and stay updated with everything going on. The private descriptions used on stories can help inform teams about more details and information, while the private roadmap can help your team create a detailed and prioritized roadmap. The changelog widget will also keep all employees easily updated with everything going on.

UserVitals will improve your workflow, communication and streamline communication to strengthen your team!