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The UserVitals Glossary

Learn the basic terms below to become well-versed in UserVitals!

The UserVitals Glossary

Learn the basic terms below to become well-versed in UserVitals!

Definition: Insights are valuable feedback from customers that you can use to benefit or improve your product. Here at UserVitals, we collect insights from customers instead of just upvotes so you can see what's truly important and make smart product decisions based on insights from your customers. We help pull insights for you from individual pieces of feedback like quotes, testimonials and support tickets, all gathered from users from different sources.


Definition: Stories in UserVitals are collections of insights and feedback from many different platforms. These can be based on specific tags, topics, or feature requests, or simply on where in the roadmap this feedback occurs.

Inbox Message

Definition: An inbox message is a message obtained from a customer that contains feedback within it. These messages are either submitted by customers or your team members and oftentimes may include filler details that aren't exactly useful pieces of feedback. Therefore, inbox messages can be viewed as the original message, which after review from your team, can be converted into an insight and organized into a story.

Admin Portal

Definition: The admin portal is the all-in-one place for you and your team members to access account settings and manage your feedback loop.

Customer Portal

Definition: The customer portal is the main touchpoint for your customers to interact with the feedback loop and stay updated.


Definition: A product roadmap is where your team members and customers can see a visual representation of your product's upcoming changes.


Definition: A changelog is a list of product updates, such as product improvements, bug fixes, and new features.


Definition: UserVitals make feedback collection easy through its Chrome extension and integrations.

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