Slack Integration

UserVitals empowers your Slack workflow. Keep your team on the same page with Slack notifications and capture insights from your Slack community in seconds. Learn more about how to integrate UserVitals with Slack.

How to set up UserVitals with Slack

Select Integrations from the sidebar in the Admin portal.

Click on Add to Slack to automatically connect to your Slack Account.

Make sure your Slack email matches with your primary email in your profile or add your Slack email as a secondary email by clicking on the embedded link or heading over to the profile settings.

Select the channel you want to push UserVitals notifications to and click on install.

If the integration was successful, you will receive a notification in the slack channel you added the app to and be sent back to the Slack Integrations page on UserVitals where you can further customize notifications.

Additionally, to remove the integration, click on Disconnect in the Slack integration page.

How to submit feedback

To submit a Slack message as feedback, right click the message to access the Slack message shortcuts and select UserVitals to bring up the feedback form

Click "Submit" and the feedback will instantly appear in the UserVitals portal for your team to review

You can also submit feedback anywhere on Slack by opening up the global shortcuts in the slack message bar.

After clicking on Capture Insight, copy and paste a message or type in the feedback, click submit and you're done! The feedback will be automatically pushed to the UserVitals portal.

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