Segmenting your Users with Personas and Intercom

Use Personas in UserVitals to segment your customer feedback into groups that make sense for your business.

User Segmentation with Personas

Personas in UserVitals allows you to segment your feedback into groups. Personas allow you to filter and group your customers based on custom attributes uploaded via platforms such as Intercom.

Upload custom attributes via Intercom

Open the settings menu and select Integrations under Team

Select Intercom and press "sync with intercom"

Toggle the CRM fields you want UserVitals to keep in sync and appear for filtering in Personas

View your custom attributes

Click into a contact and you will be able to view the attributes and customer data you synced

How to create a Persona

To create a persona, click on "Add Persona" and give it a name

Select the Filter options and create a custom field

How to use Personas

When viewing a story, you can see cohort numbers for each Persona. This will help you to determine which stories to prioritize

You can also filter insights by Persona to see feedback left by a certain group of customers

Personas are a powerful feature that can be used to segment your customer feedback in a way that makes sense for your business.

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