Manage Your Contacts List

Manage Your Contacts List

Within UserVitals, contacts are customers who have submitted pieces of feedback. When insights are added using our Chrome extension or integrations, UserVitals will detect which existing contact it's coming from, or it will automatically generate a new contact for you.

To view and keep track of your contacts, visit the Contacts page found in the admin portal. Within that page, you will see a comprehensive list of all your contacts, with their name, email, and number of insights submitted. Here you can manually add more contacts by clicking the Add Contact button found at the top right corner.

Also, if you click on the "Actions" button of a specific contact, you can edit the contact, block them, or even delete them. Blocked contacts can't submit more feedback, but they will remain in your contacts list which allows you to unblock them at a later time if needed.

To view all past feedback submitted by a specific contact, click on their name and you will see when they created their account along with a list of all their previous insights. Viewing a full list of insights submitted by a customer is useful in helping your team better understand how specific customers are using your product and what types of use cases they are most concerned about. By analyzing customers, you can see what user segments are most prominent and active, and focus more of your efforts on helping those important customers. While all feedback is important, it's a good idea to prioritize feedback from specific customers you deem important and/or those who use your product the most.

Within a specific contact's page, you can click on "View in portal" to view the customer portal from their perspective. This allows you to see what is visible to customers in their portal, and you can always make adjustments to the visibility by editing it in the admin portal settings panel. Learn more.