Manage Insights

In this article, we will walk through all you need to know about managing your insights.

Manage Insights

Before you begin learning how to manage insights, you can check out these two articles first to get familiarized with what an insight is and how to add one.

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Now, we'll walk you through all you need to know about managing your insights.

Edit submitted insights

When submitting an insight, there might have been a mistake in one of the field sentered, or maybe you change your mind about the insight's priority. But don't worry because UserVitals allows you to edit any previously submitted insights.

To edit an insight, visit the Insights page in the admin portal, and click on the "Edit" on the right side of the insight you want to edit. Once clicked, the insight submission form will appear and you can update any of the fields, then resubmit it.

Organize insights into stories

Whereas insights are the raw details, stories form the larger picture of how your customer uses your product and how you can best improve it for them. Stories help you organize your insights in a way that best benefits your product decision-making.

When adding an insight from anywhere, the submission form asks you to assign the insight to an existing or new story. Thus, when submitted, it will appear under the chosen story in the admin portal.

Learn more about what a story is and how to organize stories.

View insights submitted by a contact

To view all past feedback submitted by a specific contact, visit the Contacts page in the admin portal, then click on their name and you will see when they created their account along with a list of all their previous insights.

Viewing a full list of insights submitted by a customer is useful in helping your team better understand how specific customers are using your product and what types of use cases they are most concerned about. By analyzing customers, you can see what user segments are most prominent and active, and focus more of your efforts on helping those important customers. While all feedback is important, it's a good idea to prioritize feedback from specific customers you deem important and/or those who use your product the most.

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