Make Changelog Entries

Learn how to make changelog entries in UserVitals. UserVitals displays a user's changelog in the customer portal and via a changelog widget.

Make Changelog Entries

A changelog is a list of product updates, such as product improvements, bug fixes, and new features.

These updates can be viewed via the customer portal, or through a changelog widget installed on your website.

How to make a changelog entry

Setting up a changelog is very simple! Within your admin portal, there is a Changelog tab on the left side. From there, you can create a new entry by clicking New Draft.

First, you type your changelog title and the draft will be created.

Then, click on the changelog draft you just made to access the editing page where you can fill in all the necessary information. At the top, you can add a hero image to visually showcase your product update.

Within the space at the bottom, type out your changelog entry and customize it by clicking "/" to view different formatting options such as headings, lists, tables, images, links, and much more.

On the right side, you can backdate the changelog entry to the correct date the change was completed.  Also, assign its type (Improve, New, or Fix) to let your customer know what the change was about. To further categorize your changelog entry, add a custom label to better describe the change made.

If you're still not finished the changelog yet or want to publish it later, simply click Save and it will remain a draft in the admin portal. When scrolling through your changelogs in the admin portal, any items not published yet will have "(Draft)" next to their title.

When you are ready, click on Publish to publicize the entry. Any customers who have subscribed to updates will be alerted of the new announcement through an email. The changelog will now be visible via the customer portal and also your site's changelog widget if you installed it.

Learn more about the viewing changelogs in the customer portal and changelog widget.

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