Linear Integration

Keep your product management and engineering teams on the same page. Create Linear tasks within UserVitals, or link existing tasks to build great features backed by user insights. Learn more about how to integrate UserVitals with Linear.

Linear is an application that helps streamline software projects, sprints, tasks, and bug tracking. Teams who use Linear to organize their workflow can now easily integrate it with their UserVitals activities. UserVitals will get connected with a user's Linear workspace, allowing seamless linking and creation of Linear tasks.

How to set up UserVitals with Linear

Log in to the UserVitals admin portal. Open settings and select Linear under "Integrations"

Click “Connect With Linear” to connect your Linear account with UserVitals.

How to use the Linear integration

After integrating Linear to UserVitals in the admin portal, users can add Linear tasks right within a story's detail page.

Users simply need to click the + icon found at the bottom right next to "Linear Tasks". This is also where previously linked Linear tasks will appear so that users can easily visit the task in Linear right from UserVitals.

Once clicked, users will need to add a title and description, then assign it to a team, project, and contact.

After saving the submission, the task will immediately appear in Linear and it will show what story it's linked to and when it was created. That way, users can visit the UserVitals admin portal through the Linear task at any time.

Additionally, users can link existing Linear tasks to a story.

To do so, users simply need to search the title or description of the task and UserVitals will show a list of matches.

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