Intercom Integration

UserVitals makes it easy for your users to voice their valuable feedback through the Intercom Messenger widget. Learn more about how to integrate UserVitals with Intercom.

How to set up UserVitals with Intercom

Login to the UserVitals admin portal. Open settings and select Intercom under "Integrations

Click “Connect With Intercom” to connect your Intercom account with UserVitals.

How to use the UserVitals in the Intercom Inbox

Login in to your Intercom workspace.

Navigate to Inbox.

You’ll find the Details panel on the right side of Intercom. Click on Customize to modify the panel.

You’ll find a list of Add-ons. Click UserVitals to install it.

Submit Feedback

Click on "Add Feedback" to load the form.

After selecting an existing story or creating a new one, copy and paste or type in the feedback requested by the customer in the insight field and click "Add Insight"

After successful submission, UserVitals will display the feedback on the conversation sidebar. Click "View Post" to see the feedback on the UserVitals admin portal!

On the UserVitals admin portal, the submitted feedback will be tagged with the Intercom conversation URL, streamlining any future follow up.

Keep reading to learn more about how UserVitals can help you build better products. Still have questions? Take a look at our FAQ page.

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