How Admins and Customers Can Add Feedback

UserVitals's main focus is allowing our users a seamless feedback collection process. Learn more about how to add feedback in UserVitals.

How to Add Feedback

UserVitals's main focus is allowing our users a seamless feedback collection process. We offer feedback submission forms in multiple different ways so that you and your team can choose whichever is most convenient.

Feedback in UserVitals is split between Inbox Messages and Insights, and we'll be discussing both in this article.

First, we'll walk through how your team can add feedback on behalf of customers. Then we'll explain how your customers can directly add feedback on their own.

How Admins Can Add Feedback on Behalf of Customer

Chrome Extension

The UserVitals Chrome extension allows you to save customer feedback from any web page and send it to UserVitals in under a minute. The Chrome extension is compatible with all browser-based applications to allow for a quick highlight & capture.

Here's how to add feedback via the Chrome extension:

  1. Highlight Feedback: Highlight and select the relevant feedback you wish to collect within the web-based tool you're using
  2. Open Extension: Open the UserVitals chrome extension and the highlighted feedback will automatically populate the insight field. It will also automatically attach the insight to an existing contact, or create a new one for you.
  3. Choose between Inbox or Insight: The modal first opens up for an insight submission. To change to an inbox message, click the icon at the top right.
  4. Organize Your Feedback: Within the extension, if you're submitting an insight, choose the insight's priority at the top right corner, then assign it to a story. If it's an inbox message, add a short descriptive title.
  5. Submit Feedback: Click “Add Feedback” and you’re done! The feedback will automatically appear on the UserVitals portal ready for you and your team to review.

Learn more about the UserVitals Chrome extension and how to install it.


UserVitals' integrations make it easier for your team to add feedback right within your regular workflow. Currently, we have three integrations available:

  1. Slack: Capture new insights in seconds using Slack’s global and message shortcuts. Learn more about the Slack integration.
  2. Intercom: When conversing with your customers, you can quickly add their product feedback on the same page. Learn more about the Intercom integration.
  3. Help Scout: Enable your support team to view all past insights submitted from a contact and add new insights within the application. Learn more about the Help Scout integration.

Learn more about all integrations.

Admin Portal

The admin portal is where you manage your feedback loop and make informed product decisions. There, you can also add new customer feedback.

  • On the admin portal's Dashboard, you can click "Create Inbox Message" or "Track Feedback" to add inbox messages and insights respectively.
  • On the left panel, you'll see Inbox and Insights pages. In those pages, click the "Add Message" or "Add Insight" buttons at the top right to add new feedback.
  • On the other hand, if you want to create an insight directly from inbox message, then simply highlight the portion of the inbox message you want to convert, and click the "Create Insight" button that pops up. Also, if there are separate pieces of feedback within one inbox message, you can highlight those sections separately and create different insights!
  • Lastly, in the Stories page, you can add insights to a story directly by clicking the + sign that appears in gallery view. Or click on a story and use the "Add Insight" button found at the top right.

How Customers Can Add Feedback

Customer Portal

Any customers logged in to the customer portal can click "Give Feedback" to submit any product feedback. These will get sent straight to your team's admin portal for you to review. It's important to note that only customers with accounts can submit feedback. This helps make feedback traceable so that your team can follow up with any questions.

Learn more about how your customers can create an account.

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