HelpScout Start Guide

View UserVitals data directly from Helpscout with our app

HelpScout Start Guide

Connecting HelpScout to UserVitals

Step 1 - Activate the app in Helpscout

Visit UserVitals Settings page

Select the Helpscout section from the sidebar and click the Activate Helpscout App button

You will be presented with the callback URL and secret key to enter into helpscout.

Step 2 - Configure in Helpscout

In Helpscout go to Manage > Apps > Build a Custom App.

Next, click Create App on the left.

Give it a name such as UserVitals and then Choose Content Type = Dynamic Content

Then enter the Callback URL and secret key from the step one.

Choose which MailBoxes to connect it to, and Save.

That's it! The UserVitals Helpscout app is installed. Head to a conversation to view the app in the sidebar.

Your support team will be able to view all past insights submitted from a contact when opening up their HelpScout conversation with direct links to their stories and contact page on UserVitals.