Email Forwarding

Admin accounts will all get assigned a unique email that team members can submit/forward feedback to. Learn more about email forwarding in UserVitals.

Email Forwarding

Admin accounts will all get assigned a unique email that team members can submit feedback to, and that feedback will show up in their team's UserVitals Inbox.

If a team member is having a customer conversation via email and discovers useful feedback, they can forward that feedback to the email address provided by UserVitals. This feedback will show up immediately in the user's Inbox, along with the customer's email address and name automatically matched to an existing contact, or a new one will be created.

Users can choose between the Team Forwarding Email and Personal Forwarding Email.

Both methods will submit the feedback to the Inbox, but the personal address will show the submitter's ID in the Inbox, allowing for easy tracing of which team member submitted the feedback.

How to forward emails

To gain access to your account's forwarding email addresses, visit the settings page in the admin portal, and click on Email Forwarding.

Then, click activate under the email you want (either Team or Personal).

Now you will see an automatically generated email. Copy this email and add it to your email contacts under a name that's easy to remember.

In the future, whenever you are checking your company's email inbox and discover relevant product feedback, you can forward the feedback to the email address from the prior step. That feedback will imediately land in your team's UserVitals Inbox, and that's it! In under a minute you would have successfuly submitted an inbox message.

Please note that it's best practice to only forward the pieces of relevant feedback, rather than leave the entire email chain, attachments, images, etc in the forwarded email. This will help make your inbox message more clear and concise for the team member who reviews it later.

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