Customer Portal Visibility

Customer Portal Visibility

Having control over what your customers and the public can view is incredibly important, which is why we have visibility customizations for the customer portal.

Admins can customize the customer portal configurations in the admin portal settings tab under Customer Portal.

The customer portal has the option of being public, private, or disabled.

  1. A public portal allows anyone to view it, logged in or not.
  2. A private portal can be only be seen by those logged into accounts that are on the same team as the portal they are viewing.
  3. A disabled portal is only viewable by the team's admins.

On top of admins being able to set the portal configurations to Public, Private or Disabled, they can also choose which specific features of the customer portal are enabled or disabled. The features include Changelog and Feedback. If a feature is disabled, then it will not appear in the customer portal at all.

It is important to note that the configurations (i.e Public, Private, Disabled), override the changes made underneath to disabling or enabling certain features.

To access the visibility settings, enter the Customer Portal section under Settings in the admin portal. There, you can customize the visibility, and UserVitals will automatically save your changes and update the customer portal.

Also, you can change the visibility of specific stories by visiting the Stories page in the admin portal and changing the visibility between Public and Unlisted. There are two rules to note:

  1. The visibility changes made in admin portal settings will always override stories that specifically have a "Public" visibility. For example, if you have a story labeled as "Public", and you click "Private" in the settings, the story will follow the Private settings rather than displaying it to the public.
  2. If a specific story is set to "Unlisted", then that visibility setting will be respected no matter what change was made in the admin portal. For example, even if you click "Public" or "Private" in the admin portal settings, the stories with "Unlisted" visibility will not be shown.

To get familiarized with how the portal shows up for different user groups (public, customers, and admins), UserVitals allows you to view it from all three perspectives!

If you want to test out your changes, here's how to view your customer portal from each perspective:

1. Test admin perspective

  • Visit your customer portal via, or by clicking one of the three links found at the bottom left of the admin portal (i.e. Public roadmap, Your feedback, Changelog)
  • Once clicked, you will be viewing the customer portal from an admin perspective

2. Test customer perspective

  • Log in to the admin portal and visit the Contacts page
  • Click on any customer, and then click "View in portal"
  • You will now be logged into that customer's account and can view the portal from a customer's perspective

3. Test public perspective

  1. Visit your customer portal via, or by clicking one of the three links found at the bottom left of the admin portal (i.e. Public roadmap, Your feedback, Changelog)
  2. If you are logged into your account, log out first. Once logged out, you will see the portal from a public perspective. When in the public perspective, you will notice the Your Feedback tab does not exist anymore since only logged in users can add feedback.

Now that you've learned about adjusting your customer portal's visibility, go ahead and follow the steps outlined to test it out!

If you would like to collect story feedback from only select customers, UserVitals allows you to easily send private links to them! Learn more.