Customer Portal Settings

Personalize the looks and features of the UserVitals customer portal to fit your brand and make it welcoming to your users.

Customer Portal Settings

Being able to personalize your customer portal to fit your brand and product is incredibly important, which is why we have customizations for the customer portal.

Admins can change the look of the customer portal in the admin portal settings menu under Customer Portal – Brand.

Here, users can upload a logo, enter the company name, change the subdomain of the customer portal page, link your company Twitter account, change the portal brand colour, and select a language.

To view your changes, click on Customer Portal in the top right of the admin portal.

Click on Customer Portal

Now that your customer portal is fitted to your brand, click here to learn more about how to adjust your customer portal visibility for different user groups.

Keep reading to learn more about how UserVitals can help you build better products. Still have questions? Take a look at our FAQ page.

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