Customer Portal Features

The customer portal is the main touchpoint for your customers to interact with the feedback loop and stay updated. Learn more about the features found in UserVitals' customer portal.

Customer Portal Features

What is the Customer Portal?

The customer portal is the main touchpoint for your customers to interact with the feedback loop and stay updated.

This is where customers can directly submit insights, check the status of their past feedback, view your roadmap, and stay up to date on product updates. Through UserVitals, you can control the visibility of certain customer portal features, or even send private links for select customers to view.

What are the Main Features?

Product Roadmap

The product roadmap is where your team members and customers can see a visual representation of your product's upcoming changes.

Product roadmap items come from stories and are added and updated in the customer portal as you adjust the status of a story from "Planned" to "In Progress" to "Completed". The customer portal can be configured to work as a public roadmap - so everyone can see what you are working on. Alternatively, keep it as a private roadmap - just for your customers or internal team.  Roadmaps allow your customers to quickly understand what's happening with your product and what updates they can expect next.

To increase customer engagement and strengthen your product decisions, UserVitals enables your customers to add further feedback for any roadmap items.

Learn more about what a product roadmap is or how to create your roadmap.


The changelog is a list of product updates, such as product improvements, bug fixes, and new features.

The changelog items consist of a title, hero image, and description. Feel free to customize the layout of each changelog entry using the editor found in the admin portal. We recommend adding screenshots throughout your description to help customers better understand the update.

Changelogs allow you to celebrate your team's hard work and keep your customers in the loop. To be the first to know of any changes, customers can click "Subscribe to updates". Also, changelogs are a great way to showcase your team's commitment to using customer feedback to make impactful changes.

Learn more about what a changelog is, and how to create a changelog.

Your Feedback

This page is where customers can view their past feedback submissions. UserVitals keeps customers updated and engaged by showing them the status of their feedback submissions. By granting customers access to their past feedback, it's a great way to make customers feel acknowledged and valued when their feedback gets implemented.

Also, UserVitals also helps send automatic email updates to customers when the status of their feedback changes - making it easier than ever for customers to stay in the loop.

Give Feedback

On top of the various other ways your team can collect feedback, the customer portal allows customers to directly add new feedback that will get sent to your feedback portal. Any customers that are logged in to the customer portal can simply click the "Give feedback" button and submit their thoughts.

How Do I Access the Customer Portal?

The website for your customer portal will be created with the custom subdomain you set in the admin portal settings and will look like "".

You can also view the customer portal by clicking on one of the three links found at the bottom left corner of the admin page (Public roadmap, Your feedback, or Changelog)

Now that you've learned about the main customer portal features, click here to learn more about how to personalize your customer portal to fit your brand and product.

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