Crisp Setup and Usage Guide

Capture feedback without leaving a customer conversation

How to set up UserVitals with Crisp

Open the settings menu and select Integrations under Team

Select API and generate an API Key.

Go back to the integrations page on the settings menu and select Crisp. Continue to Install Crisp App.

When prompted, copy and paste the API Key from earlier into Crisp

Click Save API Key and when completed successfully, you will be notified that UserVitals has been integrated with Crisp.

How to use UserVitals in the Crisp inbox

Open a customer conversation in your Crisp Inbox and you will see UserVitals on the right. You will be able to create new inbox messages, or link insights to an existing story.

To submit a new inbox message, click on "Create a new inbox message" to load a feedback form.

Paste or type in the customer message in the message field and click "Save Message".

To link an insight to an existing story, Click on "Link Insight" and search for a story to link the insight to.

After selecting an existing story or creating a new one, copy and paste or type in the feedback requested by the customer in the insight field and click "Add Insight".

After successful submission, UserVitals will display a history of all the feedback captured from this customer.

Keep reading to learn more about how UserVitals can help you build better products. Still have questions? Take a look at our FAQ page.

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