Create a Roadmap

Create a Roadmap

The product roadmap is where your team members and customers can see a visual representation of your product's upcoming changes.

Product roadmap items come from stories and are added and updated in the customer portal as you adjust the status of a story from "Planned" to "In Progress" to "Completed".

The customer portal can be configured to work as a public roadmap - so everyone can see what you are working on. Alternatively, keep it as a private roadmap - just for your customers or internal team.  Roadmaps allow your customers to quickly understand what's happening with your product and what updates they can expect next.

How to set up your roadmap

To set up your roadmap, go to the Stories tab in your admin portal. In order to have a story show on your roadmap, you want to turn the visibility to "Public" and change the status to "Planned". Then it will show up under the "Planned" column in your roadmap.

As your team makes progress on the product change, keep your customer in the loop and regularly updating the story's status by moving it to "In Progress" or "Completed".

When a roadmap item is completed, your team can write a changelog entry to celebrate your team's hard work and announce your product update. Learn more.

To view a specific roadmap item, click on the View in portal button found within a story's page.

To view the full roadmap, click on the Public roadmap button found at the bottom left of the admin portal. Also, you can manually type in the URL of your customer portal to visit your roadmap.

Roadmap Visibility

Some visibility changes made in the admin portal's settings page may affect the visibility of your product roadmap from the perspective of the public or a customer. So even though you may see the roadmap item, it may not be visible for some audiences. Learn more about managing roadmap visibility.

Let Customers Add Feedback on Roadmap Items

To increase customer engagement and strengthen your product decisions, UserVitals enables your customers to add further feedback for any roadmap items. Your customers can click on any roadmap item found in the customer portal to leave feedback. Or, if you have a specific roadmap item you want to collect feedback on, you can create a magic link for a customer. Learn more.