How Your Customer Can Create an Account

For the customers of UserVitals users, they can create a account to add feedback directly within the customer portal and view their feedback history.

What is a Customer Account?

A customer account is created and used by the customers of our users. Having an account gives a customer access to extra features within the customer portal such as adding feedback and viewing their feedback history.

In the admin portal settings, you can control the visibility of the customer portal items by making them public (available to everyone), private (only for logged-in customers), or disabled (not available for both customers and the public). Learn more.

Once a customer is logged in, they can access the features permitted by the admins. However, even if the portal is set to public, only logged-in customers can submit general feedback or feedback for specific roadmap items. This is to help ensure that feedback is traceable to a customer contact. Also, they can view their feedback history along with the status of them (i.e. Planned, In Progress, or Completed).

How to Create an Account through the Customer Portal

To create an account through the customer portal, customers simply need to click the Log In or Sign Up button located at the top right corner of the customer portal. Then, click Create an Account and enter details such as full name, email address, and password. From there, customers will get logged in and can start interacting in the portal.

How to Create an Account through Single Sign-On (SSO)

Alternatively, you can enable SSO to allow customers to sign in and submit feedback to the public portal instantly. Existing customer data will be automatically connected, allowing your team to better understand who the feedback is from.

Learn more about what SSO is and how to enable it.

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